Thoughts on the Cooper Hewitt Pen

About a week ago, I went to the Cooper Hewitt to try the experience of visiting with their new Pen, designed in house by their technology team.

Using the Pen

It felt very natural and the highest compliment is that after figuring it's main functions, a stylus for the tables and saving items, it just gets out of the way. I am one of those people that takes photos of signage and objects themselves and when I get home I'll write some notes or maybe put them in an Evernote folder of inspiration. The pen let me not worry about all that cruft and just enjoy the objects while I was in front of them.

At home, I logged on to Cooper Hewitt's site to retrieve my visit and it was very easy and fun to revisit all the items I saved.

Cooper Hewitt Visit Screen shot

A week later

The thing I didn't expect is that a week later I found myself still visiting my visit page. It's easy to view one or five. The conversational tone of the site helps make it a nice cozy place to hang out and it's that combination of human and tech that I really enjoyed.

From the object visit page,

"You collected Textile (Netherlands), 2012 during a visit to the museum on May 15, 2015."

From the object page,

"Some of the people involved with this object include Nico Verbart (Designer) and Vlisco (Manufacturer)"

As great as the pen is it's the experience around the pen that really completes the new experience. I'm excited to go back and create another visit. (and maybe some more wallpaper)